Artists use their art to express themselves, including musicians. Can an album consisting of covers of timeless songs express the artist who created it? Listening to Pat Guadagno’s album “1964,” the answer is indeed! Guadagno managed to demonstrate the aesthetics of this year’s music, showcase his musical prowess, and somehow, although they are covers, offer something original and authentic, and deliver pure joy to every Folk/Americana lover.

I tried to produce this new album, with the innocence of the child who first heard these songs. We listen to music with different ears as we age. Back then, the magic came through the speakers without reference or perspective… There is no message or theme here; just an homage to the year magic happened and a musical renaissance ensued.” ― ­Pat Guadagno


To pay homage to some of 1964’s iconic acts, Guadagno offered us a legendary album. The 15-song album by the masterful artist is a journey to the past, so we could be immersed in nostalgia and experience his feelings as a kid back then and as a grown-up man now. It’s an emotional roller coaster, whatever your age; knowing the original songs or not, Guadagno’s artistic pieces will stir your emotions. There’s no theme, as he mentioned, but there’s an atmospheric sensation that will be conjured from the first track and refuse to fade away after the last note of the fifteenth track.

Pat Guadagno is a subtle guitarist and a remarkable vocalist. He has a mesmerizing vocal line, and the way his chords sing along with him in every song is captivating. He features other artists who performed exquisitely and enriched the album. Such as John Tropea on guitar, Rob Paparozzi on harmonica, Alex Jenkins on contrabass, and Gary Oleyar on violin. As well as the gorgeous vocalist Mary McCrink, who delivered a fascinating co-performance on Bob Dylan’s “Boots of Spanish Leather.”

In order to enjoy such a dreamy, ethereal journey, you need to surrender yourself to the music, and it will take you places!

The journey starts off with Eric Andersen’s “Violets of Dawn,” which is an emotive start. It ignites a spark that makes one charmed to listen to the rest with a euphoric heart. The violin gives off an intense yet glamorous vibe, and it matches the energy of the lighthearted vocals. The guitar chords are both energetic and soft, making one engage and spreading a feel-good vibe. On the other hand, it ends with a live, heartwarming version of The Beatles’ “She Loves You.” It’s the perfect, most graceful ending for this journey with Guadagno’s heavenly singing and guitar playing.

Between the first and last tracks, we found ourselves moving from one spectacular song to another. The second cover is “Warmth of the Sun” by The Beach Boys, which is delivered through standout harmonica rhythms, and the entire composition and vocals surely give the feel of warmth.

The third single, Bob Dylan’s “Boots of Spanish Leather,” features Mary McCrink with her sunny, soulful vocals. You’ll feel yourself in the middle of the ocean, feeling the cold breeze of the air and the warm sun’s rays on your face. Together, McCrink and Guadagno give us a breathtaking vocal performance.

Then we move to a melancholic performance of “The Last Thing on My Mind” by Tom Paxton, which portrays Guadagno‘s vocal range and his ability to make us experience different kinds of sentiments.

The cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” has a mellow, peaceful vibe. It has the Beatles spirit yet sounds original and entices one to grab a partner and dance. The gentle guitar chords will help you sway seamlessly.

The sixth song is a cover of Dean Martin’s “On the Street Where You Live,” which sounds melodic and passionate. There’s an obvious chemistry between the singing and the instrumentals, as if they’re singing together.

The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun” cover is powered by husky vocals, spirited guitar, and tuneful harmonica, which together offer such an enchanting ambiance.

“Because” by “The Dave Clark Five” kicked off with a rhythmic intro that set a relaxing mood, and once Guadagno’s dulcet vocals enter, you’ll be ready to embrace more serenity.

While we are getting close to an end, Guadagno’s version of “I Only Want to Be with You” by Dusty Springfield will capture our hearts and drive us to enjoy a solo dance. The soft guitar playing and melodious violin, along with the affectionate vocal line, make you think of someone you want to dance this dance with, and if there’s no one, it urges the idea of being ready to fall in love.

It’s quite a journey, right? A journey filled with love and ache, talent, quality performances, and mature musicianship. This poetic ride with its profound musicality is not easy to comprehend, yet I guarantee that you’ll enjoy every second of it. Just sit back, press play, and enjoy!