Recently, I’ve been exploring artists who blend retro and modern styles, but none have impressed me as much as The Earthly Frames in their latest single, “Cicatrise Dud,” from the upcoming album “Infranyms,” set to release on June 3rd.

“Deeply weird rock” is how Gabriel Walsh characterizes his project, The Earthly Frames, and I completely concur. The blend of pop, electronica, rock, and space elements in the music is truly captivating! It’s a unique fusion that delivers an iconic sound unlike any other. When you listen to ‘Cicatrise Dud,’ you’ll notice the track’s intricate layers and masterful production.

Walsh explores robotics and human-technology interaction in “Cicatrise Dud,” showcasing a new retro-futuristic rock and pop direction in Infranyms. Known for genre-switching, he merges new wave and no wave with introspective songwriting.

Infranyms is the seventh album in Walsh’s series The Rainbow Table — a decade-plus endeavor to create an LP for each color of the classic ROYGBIV mnemonic. Infranyms occupies the much-debated indigo spectrum of The Rainbow Table. Many speculate Sir Isaac Newton only added this half-way color to align with a grander pattern he saw in observation and the occult. Infranyms celebrates this gloriously unverifiable assertion in measure and mystery.

Gabriel Walsh, under the name The Earthly Frames, has a musical history spanning 25 years, including involvement in bands like Timesbold, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, and The Solillians. Check out ‘Cicatrise Dud’ and feel the beauty below.