This time we bring you a whole new world of music experience…

The New York based musical genius Tyler Kamen brings the world a gift, his latest oddysee  of an album “Cornucopia Modus”…this genre fusing and bending album comes comes with a story…an actual story, make sure you check it out at the article…and read it before jumping into the album for a complete and impeccable experience.

Tyler Kamen is a genius…let’s get that out of the way…he plays all instruments and does all the vocals on the album…and let’s get this also out of the way…the music composition, arrangement and technicalities of playing are of the utmost complexity and mastery.

Without losing the musicality…Tyler makes sure to shine bright here, even though he could have taken a more technical approach with all of his talents, he chose to mix between the psychedelic and the straight rock…the technically extreme musical compositions and the more melodic and anthemic…

…such a difficult task, Tyler did it all with his talents…and that is just on another level, add on top of it the fact that this album is made up of 16 mesmerizing tracks, each with its own character, charisma and energy.


Did we mention that he produced the whole album too?

After Tyler created the spectacular vegetable universe…the brilliant artist thought of “Cornucopia Modus” as the perfect send-off, bringing all of his talents in one place and closing the story book, with this album being the final chapter.

This album is absolutely out of this world…it has the essence of Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Phish and more together, mixed, fused and cooked to perfection into a whole new world of music…a world that we are in dire need to travel to.

…now, comes story time…

“(this is) The final chapter in the Vegetable Gnome Trilogy and the prequel to the Spectacular Machine Trilogy… 200 years after the events of Bamboozle Tesseract, Gnome City and the surrounding areas of Sunken Valley have been overrun by vegetable mutants. The gnomes and citizens of Sunken Valley have managed to survive underground and in the surrounding hills, but a brave young warrior from the peaceful Vegetable Tribe named Jinx Loon (aka Mr. Loon) grows curious about the outside world. After the gnomes send a recruit to bring Jinx Loon back to their underground city for training, Jinx finds and repairs a broken transmitter (aka The Spectacular Machine) and hears a strange message about how to fix the Bamboozle Tesseract. He then sets out on a quest to Lizard House to find a mechanic and The Cornucopia Modus at Zezop Mountain. This ancient text holds the key to restoring the exploded Bamboozle Tesseract at Gnome City Labs. He packs up and heads out on an adventure to Lizard House to find a mechanic (who we will come to know as The Headmaster). After traveling to the school, finding a mechanic and The Cornucopia Modus, our warrior returns to Gnome City Labs for a final battle against the vegetable mutants, repairing the Bamboozle Tesseract and restoring Gnome City and Sunken Valley to its former glory.”

…Tyler’s imaginative creativity doesn’t start or end with music, lyrics and production, it goes beyond and transcends music as a medium itself.

This is one of the most highly recommended genre bending rock experiences out there…it’s a must-listen, a must-do-experience.

Wishing all the best to the absolutely brilliant Tyler Kamen…we can’t wait for him to create new worlds and for us to jump into these worlds.