Have you ever been lost in darkness and been pulled out? John Leslie captures that experience perfectly in “Born of the Fire,” while offering quality blended sound, touching songwriting, sincere singing, and an authentic music video.

“Born of the Fire” showcases Leslie’s artistry at its finest. This genre-bending track blends rock and dream pop with a touch of gospel, creating a deeply personal and relatable listening experience. The song offers a sense of solace and peace, inviting listeners to connect with Leslie’s emotions.

John Leslie rekindles the flame of this 2021 release with a stunningly beautiful music video. The visuals perfectly capture every lyric and emotion, taking viewers on a journey through the shared experiences of humanity. It’s a journey where we all face feelings of loss, doubt, and loneliness. But at some point, we experience a divine touch that revives our souls, gifting us with freedom and showering us with love.

The combined power of visuals and music ultimately offers the desired message. The passionate guitar playing and bouncy drumming by Jackie Barnes offered a bright and elated feel. The entire musical composition, and especially the standout solo, surely offers the feel of:

“Freedom and fire

Love and desire

Born of the fire”

Witness the emotional essence of the song unfold. Leslie’s warm and ardent vocals guide you through this spiritual awakening, leaving you feeling “Born of the Fire” yourself.

Get ready for your Phoenix era with John Leslie’s “Born of the Fire” below!