‘Loved By You’ is a warm and sweet love song that celebrates tradition and age-old sounds in the best way possible. A stunning display of folk, soul, country, and blues, ‘Loved By You’ is a simply gorgeous piece of music.

Canadian, hailing from Victoria, The Kyle Jordan Project is more of a collective than a band. Forefronted by the titular Kyle Jordan, the one constant who’s always present during the group’s live shows and recordings, Jordan is often accompanied by a massive and varied group of musicians who are unified with their passion towards their art.

‘Loved By You’ is a warm love song that features the vocal duet of Greg Van Kerkhof and Katie Burke, together showcasing immense vocal chemistry and the song’s protagonist couple. A triumphant piece of songwriting then ensues, with a steady, slow beat and an amicable composition that sounds soothing and familiar. The guitars, varying from rumbling with overdrive, to smooth, clean slides, are nothing short of a pleasure to behold.

Sensual licks and a beautiful vocal duet ensure that ‘Loved By You’ is a song that will be pleasant to nearly everybody. Tasteful and balanced, ‘Loved By You’ is one of the more fresh and enjoyable love songs that I’ve heard for a really long time.