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Not only his love for international music bands shaped his life, but he was also in love with independent artists and bands in Africa and the Middle East since 1998. The idea of Rock Era was shaped in 2001, but finally was implemented in 2004; it was a spark of an idea to serve and support; the musicians in the Middle East as well as Worldwide. Mena is also the founder and owner, Naqada Music Management.
Writer, Actor, Video Editor, Director, and Football addict. Still dreaming of a Whole New World 🙂
A musician and a fashion designer in the making
I make music with my words.
Podcaster, music content creator, writer and a full time headbanger.
Creative Author, Writer and Editor and with huge passion in the art of content creation. Scenarist and Scriptwriter with brain full of dialogues. Passionate about music and every kind of it, specially with fueling self interests. A guitarist who is still in the phase of peering the stage. You can call him "Jude".
Yassine joined the team in 2008 he is now the head of Rock Era Moroccan Team. Yassine also a correspondent and administrator at Darkside of Innocence.
Most of the time I’m listening to music. When I’m not, I’m playing music. When I’m not, I’m thinking about doing those things.
Your favourite metalhead doctor. Authentic Alexandrian, part-time poet and full time geek. With a burning passion for everything rock and metal.
Hey, I'm Youssef Harraz a guitarist/pianist/composer, I'm a music enthusiast who believes in it's magic and the impact it can do. It really can change the world if you let it
I'm a music nerd. I love music as a science, as an artform, as a human experience, and as a cultural phenomenon. Vocalist/Multi-instrumentalist for the band Astra Abyssosque and Audio Director for Mahrajaz Productions. Astra Abyssosque: https://www.facebook.com/AstraAbyssosque
Camera enthusiast and Embriodery artist.