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Not only his love for international music bands shaped his life, but he was also in love with independent artists and bands in Africa and the Middle East since 1998. The idea of Rock Era was shaped in 2001, but finally was implemented in 2004; it was a spark of an idea to serve and support; the musicians in the Middle East as well as Worldwide. Mena is also the founder and owner, Naqada Music Management.
🎼Painting the bigger picture through daily notes 🎶
I make music with my words.
Podcaster, music content creator, writer and a full time headbanger.
Born in the 80s, attracted by the beats and feeds on music, the "Hamza Sharkas" is a musical-carnivore that uses guitars, piano and drums as his weapons of choice in hunting down and composing music, mainly for short movies, solo work and his other musical projects. The "Sharkas" also records, mixes and masters music. One of the goals of the "Sharkas" is to spread musical knowledge and music technology education as much as possible through workshops and online articles. Beware the "Sharkas"....for he won't shut up about music and will go on and on and on and on….
A musician and a fashion designer in the making
Yassine joined the team in 2008 he is now the head of Rock Era Moroccan Team. Yassine also a correspondent and administrator at Darkside of Innocence.
A flute player working on my flute masters, so I don't need to just write about music, I need the music to speak about itself.