Attention all hard rock fans out there…a new anthemic rock journey has been concocted…the Orlando based American power group Kings County released their cover of the iconic hit single “Blue Monday”, the 1983’s iconic song by New Order…this time, it has a unique powerful blend of musicality, old school, and heavy frickin’ rock.

This is the great reimagining of a great song…

…and this came out from the hearts and minds of the band members…

Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass)

Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals)

Joe Lopez (Drums)

Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals)

…not only that, but Kings County also dropped a music video along…adding so much to the enjoyment and experience…it was shot at M3 Studios in Miami, the same location of Kings County’s “So Cold”. 

It focused on their live performance and showmanship…with some high-end lighting and camera work…the video was directed by Jon Vulpine, who has worked with Three Days Grace, Skillet, and Seether and is the fourth video Jon has shot for Kings County.

The creative flare and input that Kings County added to an already iconic song is invaluable…breathing new life into the old school.

Make sure you check out Kings County’s latest release “Blue Monday” and for the full immersive experience, you gotta check out the music video.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant Kings County.