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For general and advertising enquiries: info@rockeramagazine.com
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Rock Era Team

Head of Editorial: Norhan El Sebaie

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Special thanks to Noorhan Gamal, Rana Atef, Farah Wahid, Shereen GJaylan Salah, Mercedes Thomas, Hamza Sharkas, Cozmo, Sally Hussien, Mohamed Ayman, among many others who kept this platform alive for more than 15 years. Find out the full list of previous writers, editors, and contributors through here.

The Boring Ones 

CEO and Founder: Mena Ezzat

Project Manager: Hany Nabil

Project Coordinator: Yara Atef

Business Consultant: Ihab Mohsen

Naqada Music Management Contact Details

For any marketing services enquiries email Naqada Music team at info@naqada.org

Mobile: +2 011-5053-5735

Mobile: +2 0111-717-9758

Address: 45 El Shiekh El Ghazaly (Formerly Kambez), Nadi El Seed, Business Hive Office Space, Dokki, Giza, Egypt. 12311