Leicester based alt-rock masters ‘9 O’clock Nasty‘ are setting a statement with their latest single “Bad Monkey”…and that statement is…they frickin’ rule.

Rock is their playground, and this is shown beyond a shadow of a doubt with “Bad Monkey”…an instantly catchy riff with a vocal melody that won’t leave your soul for weeks to come…

The adrenaline pumping song is just 2 minutes and 35 seconds…but boy, do they take you on the road, in an American muscle car, doing 180 km/h and just leaving a blazing fiery trail behind it.

The song goes hard from the get go…and builds up more and more energy as they go speeding past everything else on the horizon.

The band says that…

“The middle of the road is a great place to play if you like high impact adrenaline based entertainment.”

…and this is exactly the wild rock and roll soul that lives within their music…

The wild 9 O’clock Nasty are breaking grounds, raising bars and making huge tsunami waves with their music…jump into the waves and fast cars with “Bad Monkey”.

For an adrenaline pumped experience, go check out “Bad Monkey” right now.

Wishing all the best to the 9 O’clock Nasty.