Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, Get ready for tuneful Valentine’s with our Rock/ Metal Valentine’s List.

My Dying Bride – I almost Loved you

My Dying Bride is known with the band’s magical and sorrowful mood, so if you are lonely this Valentine, this song is for you.

40 Watt Sun – Beyond You
40 Watt Sun is one of the few bands who blends the beauty of Postrock and Acoustic riffs with an emotional Doom Metal atmosphere. Beyond You is taken from the band’s second album “Wider than the Sky.”

Bullet For My Valentine – Forever and Always

The name of the band could be somehow ironical and expressive but “Forever and Always” is a nice Valentine’s Day song! Powerful Valentine!

Hinder – Lips of an Angel

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Hinder’s top hit “Lips of an Angel” should be included. It is a tuneful song scripted in a romantic mood.

Swallow The Sun – The Heart of a Cold White Land
As Winter is still visiting our homes, try to imagine yourself running through snowy and white lands and looking for the northern lights in the sky! Imagine that? So, STS “The Heart of a Cold White Land” is suitable for this mood.

Savatage – Believe

“Believe” by Savatage is one of the essential songs when it comes to Rock/Metal Valentine’s Day list.

Skillet – Yours to Hold

Skillet is currently one of the top trending Hard Rock/Alternative bands. One of Skillet’s romantic gems is “Yours to Hold”, especially “Comatose Comes to Live” version when John Cooper’s attractive voice meets Jen Ledger’s breathtaking performance.

 Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece of Heaven

If you have negative feelings towards Valentine’s Day, it is totally fine! Enjoy a brutal Valentine’s Day mood with “A Little Piece of Heaven”!

Evanescence – The Last Song, I am Wasting on You

There is no Valentine’s Day without the voice of the Queen of Gothic and Sorrow, Amylee. Evanescence has a big collection of Romantic and emotional tracks but “The Last Song, I am Wasting on You” is a perfect track for lonely sad Valentine’s Day.

Wintersun – Sadness and Hate

Those who carry mixed feelings towards Valentine’s Day, well, this song is for you! Melodic Death shaped in Progressive structure, various Melodic moods, “Sadness and Hate”!

Opeth – Coil

Opeth’s “Coil” is a nice Valentine’s Day track, short, calm, and impressive.

Within Temptation – Caged

Within Temptation is one of the bands who have a definitive mix of Gothic, Love and Sadness, so “Caged” is great for those who suffer in love.

Alter Bridge – Watch Over You

Myles Kennedy’s catchy voice leads the heart to react towards the music. “Watch over You” is a soft and gentle love song. It’s full of wondering and blame, the live versions of the song are somehow more vivid than the original.

Civil Twilight – Letters from the Sky
Between Love and Departure, Life and Death, War and Peace, “Letters from the Sky” is a gloomy colorful track, painted in blue and gray.

Scorpions – Still Loving You

One of the essential and must-listened classic, Scorpions’ “Still Loving you” is as the queen of the Valentine’s Day night!

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

To finalize the list, nothing is better than the timeless and the ageless “Nothing Else Matters”! This hit is one of the few that entered the playlists of non-rock/Metal listeners besides Rock/Metal lovers!

We wish a loving and romantic Valentine’s Day with your family and beloveds. 🙂