Love is many splendid things, love lifts us where we belong… Or not. Love is the essence of most songs in the big, big world. Even if it’s a simmering rock’n’roll scene. So, on Valentine’s Day, we compiled a few of the coolest lovebug rock tracks for couples who want to add some spunk into their dates:

Only Love Can Save Me Now – The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen’s vocals have that deep edge to their individuality. They convey emotions perfectly and shred scattered feelings to pieces. In this track, she drawls her darkness and her desperation in a world marred by bitterness and gloom, only for love to save her at the end of the day. Perfect for couples with dark moods and energy drinks.

Better Without You – Evanescence
Amy Lee’s delicate, smoky timbre makes a song about heartbreaks and losing oneself in a relationship an epic about fallen kingdoms and backstabbing friends. A love song? More like a healing nu-metal track that is charged with intensity and emotions rarely found in rock songs. Sounds like an anti-Valentine theme? Well, it’s perfect for that single gal or dude reminiscing about heartbreaks and the commercial nature of Valentine’s Day.

Bite Me – Avril Lavigne
Avril has been the feisty cat everyone has loved to hate in the rock scene of the 00s. Now she’s back to a new generation with the same punk and wild child drive that draws inspiration from 90s nostalgia and Riot grrrl feminist punk. It’s the breakup song of the decade, even if it sounds like the last one, but it’s also a great track to jam and dance to if the gals are out in a singles’ bar hitting and grooving with the beat.

105 Degrees – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
A Southern rock love song at heart, 150 Degrees is what lovers need in this cold weather, a song that will make hearts melt, sweat beads form even in the coldest of winter dates, and blood rise despite the freezing detachment in February. Swinging guitars and tight strings make this track a gem of a kind, one that men listen to while pining for the attention of an attractive woman entering the club without prior notice. It also has some of the best pickup lines in rock songs lately. 


My Cleveland Heart – Jackson Browne
Who said Valentine’s is for Gen Xers and K-pop enthusiasts only? Jackson Browne’s track is for the sixtysomething population, an emotionally charged folk/country rock track that wryly describes the pain of having someone’s heartbroken by age, only to be fixed by resilience and time. The lighter tone will attract listeners from all age groups and could be the perfect companion for an alternative Valentine’s Drive-Thru.

Cold Heart – Dua Lipa & Elton John
Probably one of the coolest tracks on this list. Some pop-rock celestial invention using 4 mashups of Elton John’s top hits and Dua’s vocals create a dance track that will see many couples dancing and shaking to its shimmery, bright lyrics and rhythm.

Alone Again – Asking Alexandria
With a guitar solo for the senses, not just the ears, “Alone Again” is the perfect track for the tender and the fragile who have just lost a loved one, broken up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or simply lonely on Valentine’s, the time of the year where nobody’s supposed to be alone again.

Spellbound – Angels & Airwaves
A space/art-rock track for the senses. Listen to this while tripping on acid dreams, a vivid compilation of sounds, and dreamy vocals, Spellbound is a track that encompasses the intensity and raw desire side of love. It fuels the bond between the lovebirds and tackles love from a deeper, more physical side. 

Teardrinker – Mastodon
Teardrinker is that hard-rockin’, heartbreak song that smashes against the senses and lets the anger out. It’s the side of heartbreak rarely seen on Valentine’s Singles’ Day cards, brutal, angry, liberated, and theatrical. A song for the fans of hard rock/hard metal songs of the 80s/90s, Teardrinker is meant to rock for ages and pour some sugar on rock fans who happen to fall out of love…on Valentine’s Day. 

DiE4u – Bring Me The Horizon
DiE4u is that club rock track that brings in lovers from far and near like moth to the flame, there’s a guttural vocal range, heavy guitars, and a club remix feel to it that makes love even more intense than it could ever be.