American heavy metal band WORLDSUCKS transcends the concept of a musical group…it’s more of a global movement advocating for a more comprehensive approach to freedom and change.

It calls for a peace summit between those who see the world for what it is and everyone else…and shedding light on the oppressive power of the political elites and billionaires.

Born out of friendship and fueled by frustration…the NY-based group-aims through their songs and shows- to stand for the injustices of the world…

…seeking out others who feel a similar sense of rage and exasperation towards the inequalities and injustice in the world we live in today…


“This is activism rock, just one action of many we’re trying to take to stand up for the liberation of all people. We are not hopeless—justice is inevitable.”

…and now, they release their latest endeavors to the world, in the form of an EP titled “No!Go! 7″…an epic odyssey through a fiery heavy metal realm that is absolutely face melting and full of adrenaline rushes…and they make that possible with just 2 songs on the EP.

Through brilliant twists and turns, WORLDSUCKS manages to create mountainous amounts of music, activism, and messages to humanity in under 10 minutes!

Their first song is “No!Go!”…and this is where the musical power of WORLDSUCKS hits you like a freight train…fast, powerful, and borderline reckless in the most heavy-metal way possible…the song maintains that level of power for the first two-thirds of its journey, then goes into a half beat section that is just so musically heavy…

…moving to the next stop in the journey that WORLDSUCKS has created…we go into “No Fucks Give”…and that is exactly what they must have been thinking while making the song…they break the rules, create new one…all while maintaining their creative persona and energy…

Listening to WORLDSUCKS’ EP “No!Go! 7” has been a mind-blowing experience…my only gripe was that there wasn’t more.

…and for a pretty unique experience, make sure you check out WORLDSUCKS live, especially that we have here their upcoming tour schedule…pretty neat, eh?


Tour Dates and Cities

Friday 5/17 – Philadelphia, PA:

Saturday 5/18 – Winston Salem, NC

Sunday 5/19 – Atlanta, GA:

Monday 5/20 – Jacksonville, FL

Tuesday 5/21 – Orlando, FL:

Wednesday 5/22 – Lake Worth, FL:

Thursday 5/23 – Fort Myers Florida :

Friday 5/24 –Tampa FL:

Saturday 5/25 – New Orleans, LA:

Sunday 5/26 – Memphis, TN:

Monday 5/27 – Birmingham, AL:

Tuesday 5/28 – Jeffersonville Indiana:

Wednesday 5/29 – Cincinnati Ohio:

Thursday 5/30 – Youngstow

Wishing all the best to WORLDSUCKS… can’t wait to hear more and more of their songs…