Entering a new era for the band, Motorcycle Display Team has unveiled a new line-up alongside a new single ‘To The Endless’, which teases the forthcoming EP ‘Heartbeaten’. With the trio of Morgan Condon, Brad Larroquette and Stevoknievo joined by an ensemble cast of keys, strings, flute and backing singers, MDT can craft a new avenue for their DIY releases. Touring the UK and Europe, with radio and press support and three albums all behind them, 2024 promises to be an exciting and pivotal year.

‘To The Endless’ is a lifelong journey in six minutes, with a rich narrative being brought to life by the songwriting talent of MDT. Our male and female protagonists dive into their relationship, trying to find a semblance of time gone by as they burst with emotion. This is supported by soaring string melodies and gliding piano lines, rooted in the guitars, drums and bass that give the track a classic rock flavour. Emotive, painful, and completely engrossing, the band forces an attachment to the characters of the story, the audience’s feeling their feelings, their heartbreak and their passion through momentous climaxes and a crushing emptiness. 

Stevoknievo says, “We wanted to take two tales of ordinary broken people and tell them with grace and humility. And Nick Squires’ delicate string arrangements, along with the layers of piano and backing vocals, lend these tawdry stories of the everyday human experience a tender grandeur.”

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