Spyderhuff’s latest single is a fusion of blues and experimental rock n’ roll tendencies, infused with a healthy dose of Brian Eno-esque ambiance and Kraftwerk hypnotism. Calling ‘Just Sit There’ interesting would be a massive understatement.

A 6-piece based in Detroit, Spyderhuff is boasting a one-of-a-kind approach to songwriting on their latest single. ‘Just Sit There’ sounds rich and varied, whimsical, and with a good flair of humor. A song full to the brim with ideas, revolving around a simplistic core that leaves massive room for instrumental imagination.

A song that can perhaps be safely labeled as blues, ‘Just Sit There’ first hit me with its solid 4-on-the-floor beat and snappy snare, next to sly bongos. An engaging drum part that quickly introduces the song’s chorused guitar that ceaselessly drips silken smooth licks throughout the song. The song also breaks down into elevator music-like piano-led sections that provide a bizarrely fun respite from the robotic, spoken word interjections that are describing the correct behavior for non-driver car passengers to follow. Did I say the song is a little strange?

‘Just Sit There’ is obviously all about a bit of fun, while delivering a message that can have a litany of meanings, depending on your perspective. A crisp sounding jam that showcases a 6-piece of musical veterans who were readily capable of extending that jam for much longer. Greatly enjoyable, Spyderhuff’s ‘Just Sit There’ is a song that can loop tens of times and you would never notice.