We’ve heard songs about almost…anything…except a song that is written from the point of view of an addiction…begging the addict to affirm their love, while hinting at the true abusive nature of their relationship…woo…that was a mouthful.

This is exactly what Sam Feinstein‘s latest single is all about…it’s called “Need Me” and it’s absolutely brilliant for that alone, if not for the great arrangement, theatrical and multi-faceted vocal performance, and excellent sound design…well, basically it’s a no brainer, a highly enjoyable musical and lyrical ride through the world of alternative rock.

Unique sounds, vocal effects, soundscapes, and excellent melodies make the backdrop to Sam’s unique storytelling lyrics…there are parts where he starts to take on several personas…it’s brilliant, just brilliant.

You’ll hear that the bass line is super melodic, catchy, and weaves perfectly, steering the composition into many artistic directions…and let me tell you an insight here…Sam is a bassist originally…and he really makes that bass sing.

The music Sam is making right now tends to draw from the Eurhythmics, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, and Here Come the

Mummies…he has toured nationally as the bassist of the Graysmiths and has shared the stage with the New World Symphony in Miami.

Most recently, he appeared on the Formula Indie radio show on Euro Indie Music with his band The Monitors.

Sam Feinstein’s “Need Me” is an alt-rock trip, full of melodies, messages, and great art…it’s not to be missed.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant artist.