Disco From Death is a dark and morbid DHARKCORE one-man project from Austria led by The Tank. His next single, “Multimorbid,” is scheduled for release on June 6th. Get ready to rock out and learn more about it!

His music journey started when he was at the age of 15 in 1997 with his band Public Roots, later he gained experience and a reputation with his bands LOWCHI and Proll Guns. In 2020, he formed Disco From Death which in my opinion created a new metal dimension that I didn’t see in any other extreme metal project lately. Musically, “Multimorbid” is a powerful track that starts with a mellow guitar intro but then a very powerful drumming, tight riffs, and powerful growling vocals easily put you into the track mood. It’s pretty obvious his passion, as well as, his influence by the old-school and golden extreme metal 90s era, as he stated about the track’s meaning “All things should happen for a reason. My multimorbid sickness is still my driving force. Every verse and every riff comes from the blood inside. Hot and raw, like a meatgrinder.”

In fact, I want also to point at his press kit as I admired his method of introducing the project which I find it very unique and its very catchy tagline “Just built to kill the usual sound” through his first chapter The World Finest Killer Club, he elaborated on the sounds and goals, alongside the concept of the project “Creating some obnoxious metal music in bloodlust is the goal. Filled and wrapped with stereo war shouts smashes your skull in with a grin. INDUSTRIAL with a mighty dose of morbid aesthetics meets its best.” Very interesting indeed.

In my opinion, the Austrian project Disco From Death has the potential to reignite the extreme metal scene. Take a listen to their music and share your thoughts. Cheers!