Although, I haven’t listened to any extreme metal for quite some time I still enjoy its banging vibes for sure. Diseased Earth is one of the bands that we enjoyed their music in previous features before, and here they come again with a stunning Death Sludge hit, Splitting The Tongues Of Man. Let’s find out and headbang!

In less than 4 minutes, Diseased Earth describes an epic metaphor “towards the fall of the Tower of Babel about life falling apart.” The strong melodic guitar riffs with hard-hitting fast-paced drumming along with the brutal vocals easily grabbed my ears and attention to the track indeed. I should praise the melodic lead guitar for its atmospheric lead line, especially the epic soloing after the screaming part, which leaves you just with maniac head-banging! In fact, this track reminds me of the old days like two years ago, in our local gigs here in Cairo with my friends. I loved how the band was keen to deliver a raw old-school extreme sound, still, it’s provided and crafted very well in a modern mix.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a groovy melodic extreme metal track and want to find one in 2024, then Diseased Earth is the right place to satisfy your need. Well, it’s time to begin the BANGING party! Enjoy!