Upon encountering the warning at the start of Debbie Christ‘s latest video, your curiosity will be piqued, leading you to seek further information. In my view, whether this is a storytelling technique or not, it is undeniably brilliant. Not only does it introduce diverse music, but it also offers a unique approach to music promotion. Let’s delve deeper into her concept of ‘Lust!’

Clara O’Page is the mastermind behind Debbie Christ. The Montreal-based singer-songwriter is currently working on her debut album “Tower,” as O’Page and her band aim to challenge societal taboos on shame, sexuality, and trauma through theatricality and fashion, making the content more accessible. “I’m the youngest of six,” O’Page explains, “so I was encouraged to be funny and outgoing — I love to be goofy and make people laugh — but vulnerability was foreign to me. I grew up in an Evangelical household where you just don’t talk about the icky bits. You save those for God. On top of that, my dad’s side is English. It’s a very repressed cultural mindset. So, where I’m typically a clown day to day, music is my place where I can be more serious. Getting into punk music, I gradually got more comfortable disclosing my feelings. I learned that it can be revolutionary just to simply say what you’re actually feeling. That’s very profound for someone like me. Like I’m not someone who cries very easily, so music is how I do my crying. And it evolved to the point where there’s now a definite shock-value element.”

The video for “Lust!” features a stylish portrayal of sexual violence as a metaphor for addiction by Debbie Christ and director Aaron Nadal. First, I should praise the impressive filming concept, which features a highly talented crew and actors/actresses. I loved how the concept was filmed in a retro concept, which is pretty unique. In addition, the acting and production crew were able to deliver the song message perfectly with an impressive output.


Clara O’Page as Debbie Christ‘s emotive powerful vocals cannot be ignored while watching and listening to “Lust!.” Her singing passion can be observed while listening indeed. I loved the tight structure by Jacob Barton on guitars with an impressive melodic soloing, along with a harmonic atmosphere by Jacob Tarasofsky on keyboards. The success of all of this was built on a strong song core by Christian Lee on bass along with Jack Moore on drums.

It worth mentioning that is not only the music can combine various styles together but also, the lyrical topic is very important in such a digital world that easily spread misconceptions; “I’m not trying to piss people off,” she adds with a laugh, “but I feel like people need to be shaken up. There are too many ways that we’re all just so… bound-up. And it would benefit us all to just be able to break free and have room to breathe. My favorite photographer, for example, is Robert Mapplethorpe. I’m really inspired by his ability to make people question what art is versus what’s just vulgar and over-the-top. And I like dwelling in that place where you’re kind of squirming in your uncertainty. If you do that with a conscience — if you actually have a point — I feel like that can be very useful. Especially if the music underneath really grabs you. And that’s where all the different styles come in. We’re trying!” 

Definitely, I am glad to add Debbie Christ to my music collection for 2024, and I cannot wait to listen to her debut album “Tower” which is set to be released on May 10th. Mark your calendars and enjoy watching “Lust!” below!