Sun Junkies are a 4-piece band from Brantford, Ontario that formed in 2018. Cutting their teeth in the Southern Ontario indie scene, as well as touring the USA and Canada’s east coasts, the four best friends have had plenty of time to hone their songwriting abilities.

Having just finished recording their magnum opus: Parachuting, the band’s sound and image are more realized than ever before. Sun Junkies‘ sophomore LP discusses the toxic nature of overindulging in nostalgia, the existential dread that comes with measurable time, and the insane pressure of trying to make the most of fleeting youth.

Although it’s mainly about time, Parachuting has many other recurring themes and deals with topics like the soul crushing monotony of the 40 hour work week, as well as the coping mechanisms and anxiety that come with such a mundane reality. Featuring an orchestral arrangement of pianos, violins and horns juxtaposed with growling feedback and distorted guitars, these songs will (hopefully) make you feel like you’re unreasonably sad at the most debaucherous party you’ve ever been to.

“The focus track ‘Stay 4 the Night’ was essentially me listing off a bunch of anxieties that were going on in my life at the time and basically telling them to fuck off,” explains Noah Carmichael, vocalist and rhythm guitarist. “I was struggling with the fact that I had lost touch with most of my old friends, not because of any kind of turmoil but just from distance and time. Like most of Parachuting, this is a song about facing your fears and well, the fact that the passage of time fucking sucks.”

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