Photo credit: Alban Bizet

London based atmospheric alt-rock group ‘The Silent Era‘ has released their latest single “Matter Of Time” on the 28th of April…The hauntingly mesmerizing song delves into some deep trenches of the human soul…like the complexities of mortality 

Known for their captivating vibe and unique sound that fuses the industrial, goth, psychedelic and stoner rock genres together masterfully while being masters of transcending artistic boundaries.

“Matter of Time” delves into the unknown with introspective lyrics with a touch of hope lurking in the heart of darkness. “Matter of Time” features a live cover of Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” showcasing their dynamic live presence.

Powerful sound, masterful musical arrangement, soaring vocals and excellent vibes…there is nothing out there like what ‘The Silent Era‘ gives to the world…the music has a story, a character, a powerful presence that instantly covers the walls of the room its played in…or the stadium its performed at…”Matter of Time” envelops all that comes in contact with it.

Wishing all the best to ‘The Silent Era‘…truly unique sound and vibes.

Make sure to check out “Matter of Time” right away.