I have always believed that drawing inspiration from a vintage era can still lead to original creations. The English band The Tarrows‘ “Gunfighter” presents a distinctive rock sound that stands out in today’s music landscape.

The captivating guitar intro and melodic bass line immediately caught my attention, evoking a vibe reminiscent of the 90s golden era. The emotive vocals, combined with raw guitar chords and a melodic structure, quickly made me a fan of the band. According to the band’s press information, their latest single “Gunfighter” has garnered a strong following at their live performances, thanks to its 90s-inspired blend of alternative and Brit-indie music.

The Tarrows band consists of Matt Astell on lead guitar/vocals, Taylor Allerston on bass/vocals, and new member Nate Brown on drums/vocals. They create music infused with diverse life experiences, from teaching guitar to inmates to exploring the music scene. Now, it’s time to tune in and savour the nostalgic vibes. Cheers!