Victor V. Gurbo’s latest single is a low-altitude cruise of country and blues that trudges on at a steady, reassuring pace. With alluring lyrics, great guitar work, and a charisma that oozes through the pores of the song’s tight sound, ‘All The Pretty Girls’ is one confident and colorful piece of music.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Victor V. Gurbo is a singer and songwriter who is joined by Kenny Lee on the lap steel, and Mark Caserta on the bass for his latest release titled ‘All The Pretty Girls’. A sound steeped in roots music, the 12-bar blues structure, and the twangy, twirly guitars make for a sound that’s shock-full of heritage. A song that spurred from an unfortunate mid-week trip to a bar in a remote location, when a friend of Gurbo was desperate to get over a rough breakup and thought he’d try his luck meeting somebody new at the bar only to be crushed further by the misfortune of seeing nobody worthwhile walk through the door all night. Gurbo thought the futility of this technique of forgetting someone was worth penning down, and there came ‘All The Pretty Girls’.

The song is a simplistic 12-bar blues in a major key. A bright sound, full of character, led by great guitar fills that blur the line between rhythm and lead, supported by a steady, 4-on-the-floor bass and drum groove, all behind Gurbo’s nearly spoken vocal delivery that’s cool, approachable, and wise. Everything is tight and solid on ‘All The Pretty Girls’. A timeless sound, a good array of restrained and professional performances, and possibly a lesson to be learned.