Tillerman’s latest single is a beautiful, melancholic ballad dominated by a guitar and piano duet, underneath emotive singing and stirring words that are relatable and easy to fall for. An immediate winner.

An English band, based in Leeds, Tillerman are a 3-piece band whose pop and soul leanings take a bittersweet turn on ‘Hold Me, Haunt Me’, their latest single. Composed of Jon and Tom Kulzcycki, along with Shaun Mallia. ‘Hold Me, Haunt Me’ is an ethereal pop ballad that’s guaranteed to resonate with anyone who has ever lost someone they love, with a sweet composition, passionate vocals, and a heaving arrangement that climaxes with a stomping beat and grandiose strings.

Written as a ballad that starts with the grand piano and Jon’s lead vocals, accompanied by Tom’s harmonies, the arrangement then introduces Mallia’s clean guitar leads that gently fill up the atmosphere with their tasteful noodling. Before long, Tom’s drums kick in with a driving beat that pushes the song forward, injecting the whole arrangement with a newfound momentum that is exacerbated by the soaring string ensemble. The engaging arrangement is given a beautiful visual backing with the song’s black and white clip that is just as tastefully shot and edited.

Tillerman stuns listeners with a Fleetwood Mac-esque level of emotional potency to their lyrical and musical product. ‘Hold Me, Haunt Me’ is an easily touching song that is done so right. From the gradual growth of its scale to its touching words and its chic instrumental choices, Tillerman’s last single is the epitome of the bittersweet pop ballad.