Patrick Doval’s whimsical and rocking fun time returns with his latest release. ‘Endless Heartbreak’ has more of Doval’s instantly recognizable vocal panache, guitar menace, and lyrical wit.

Doval is a singer and songwriter that’s based in Miami, Florida. ‘Endless Heartbreak’ is a song that Doval originally recorded in 2008 with a drum machine, only for him to be able to rediscover the tune recently, with the drummer from his band playing the drum part instead of the machine. The song borders on punk with its quick pace and machine-gun rhythms, and with its thin, clean, and chorused guitar riffs.

Loaded with Doval’s vocal charm and his distinctive delivery, the song’s sweet chords support his lyrics about the endless heartbreak that comes with a crush that ends up ignoring, or worse still, totally avoiding you. The fusion between the upbeat punk direction of the music and the clear pain of the words creates a chemistry that makes the song easy on the ears and on the mind, like the two elements balancing each other out, ending up with a sound that’s not as syrupy as the riffs imply, and not as dark as the picture the words paint.

More fun music from Patrick Doval, a name that is slowly but surely starting to become a reliable source of good songs that are delightfully light but meaningful, and simple but nuanced.