Photo Credit- Four32 Media Co. - Jay Ashcroft

Introducing Riley Michaels, a rising star in the world of pop/rock. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as John Mayer and Prince, Riley Michaels has developed a unique sound that blends the emotional depth of Pop with the infectious energy of Rock. A two-time Niagara Music Awards winner, his music strikes a chord with listeners, touching their hearts and moving their souls.

His song “Doctor, Doctor!” is largely about that person that you know is bad for you to love, but you do it anyway, because you just can’t get over them – no matter how bad they are for you. It’s like drinking coffee – you know it’s not the best thing you can do for yourself, but it’s just too good and you can’t get enough of it. Your body, your soul craves it and you need it to function.

Though Riley is known for his sappy and emotional love songs, he wanted to make this one a real “rock ‘n roll” groove. This song was a collaboration between Riley and Ryan Guay from the band, Street Pharmacy.

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