“The Bridge” single artwork by Beata Labikova

The hope behind the experimental rock band Parade is that the music dwells on all we have to celebrate, while acknowledging all we have to mourn. “The Bridge” is a song about transformation. It’s about taking control of one’s life to attain what’s really important. It’s also about escape, specifically about having the courage to walk away from dangerous or destructive situations. Released via Elastic Recordings, listen to “The Bridge” HERE.

“‘The Bridge’ is all about the journey,” says songwriter Stefan Hegerat. “When I was writing this song I was fixated on the idea of literally using a bridge to escape something and the idea that an emotional escape can feel just as arduous – if not more so – as a physical one. I find the duality of fear and excitement during periods of change to be endlessly fascinating and I think that I managed to capture a lot of those complicated messy emotions with ‘The Bridge.’”

Photo by Serena Peruzzo

Parade is an experimental pop-rock trio based out of Toronto, Ontario, featuring Stefan Hegerat (drums, compositions), Chris Pruden (synthesizers) and Laura Swankey (vocals, electronics). Drawing on their diverse backgrounds in jazz, classical, and electronic music, the trio pushes the boundaries of genre and form by blurring the lines between improvisation and composition to create unique and immersive sonic landscapes.


May 31 – Wolfe Island (Hotel Wolfe Island) w/ Ky Band

June 6 – Guelph (Silence) w/ Ky Band

June 7 – Toronto (Tranzac Club Main Hall) w/ Ky Band

June 8 – Montreal (Turbo Haus) w/ Ky Band, Kee Avil and Pet Retina

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