La Need Machine’s new song, “These Old Jeans,” is a wave of nostalgia from Seattle’s indie scene. It’s a reflection on how much we’ve grown, contrasting the way we saw the world with youthful innocence, to the wisdom we possess now.

The sweet Americana “These Old Jeans” captures the beauty of growing up and releasing how much we’ve changed and grown along the way. I loved how the band chose old jeans to resemble the time when we were naive, lacking the wisdom we’ve gained with time. Clothes, especially jeans, have a sentimental value to most of us, holding our memories in their fabrics.

The soulful narration is delivered along with a heartfelt and uplifting composition. Right from the intro, you’ll feel instant joy and warmth. The guitar melodies weave vivid colors, and the sentimental vocal performances help you go back to when you were “looking for the lights.”

The song is catchy because it’s relatable, well-written, and well-performed. The folk-Americana blend, the moving storytelling, and the sincere vocal delivery offer the core of this song: peace. When the picture gets clearer, we get peace and serenity; that’s the message and the feel delivered by each element of the song.

“These Old Jeans” below is an overwhelming trip down memory lane, a chance to reconnect with your younger self, seeing how much has changed—your perspectives, experiences, and maybe even your clothing choices! Are you ready to take the trip? Hit the play button!