Born a rock musician, though making a temporary excursion towards a career in classical. Charlie Tonight is ambitious in her search for gritty rock sounds, looking towards her debut album. Hoping to one day grace the greatest the world stage has to offer. 

Now making her debut with a track backed with energetic classic-rock-drenched energy, Charlie Tonight’s ‘Do You Want Me (Come On)’ is brimming with indie and alternative aggression, bursting into life with glowing layers of reverberant, overdriven guitar riffs, played into by a tight rhythms section that charges the intro of the track towards the first verse. When Charlie’s powerful vocals enter, she immediately takes the spotlight, fiercely delivering her lyricism as she pours out her romantic problems. Raw and tenacious, her unstoppable energy refuses to be clouded by the technical musicianship and natural boldness in the instrumentation, echoing the same talent from her vibrant vocal tones.

Charlie adds, “‘Do You Want Me’ started out with a question I kept asking myself at the end of a relationship: what does desire and love mean today? How much are we willing to let go of our fully independent selves to create something with somebody else? To let go of control? I’ve had to end more than one relationship that felt shallow although big feelings were announced. People in my generation are scared of feelings, attraction even. We are freer than we’ve ever been, yet we find it hard to change our lives, even in the slightest, to come out, to say yes to somebody new, fully and unconditionally. I thought that was the whole point of the 70s Revolution, Feminism, the hippies, the rockers, the LGBTQAI+ movement…Instead, we’re more scared than we’ve ever been. Of course I was also angry and sad, so yes, this is a breakup song.”

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