Blues… whiskey… a perfect match…

…So when I saw the latest single “Whiskey Blues” from the Londoner group Shyfrin Alliance…I thought, hmmm that should be fun…and it was absolutely bombastic!

A perfect storm of Hammond organs, gospel-blues chorus, and a stunning guitar show…what do we need more?

The message here is a pretty brilliant one too, the lyrics are meant for a reason…and that reason is overcoming life’s difficulties…as Eduard, lead singer and lyricist of the Shyrin Alliance says:

““I try not to write meaningless lyrics without a message – I’m not interested in that,” he explains. “For me, the message – the lyric – is very important.”

Coming from a classical background, Eduard was trained classically on the piano in his home city in Ukraine….he then continued to explore life and the many sides of it, until reaching a point where he wanted to find more meaning and purpose in life…even going into deep research into the world of Kabbalah and science, which he then went to publish his Amazon bestseller “From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah Within The Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics”…just wow, this man is deep, both on a musical and research levels…

This is reflected quite clearly in his lyric writing and songs…there is always a message, and the music is absolutely filled with masterful details.

Make sure you check out “Whiskey Blues” by the Shyfrin Alliance right away…and maybe even check out his Amazon bestseller, that would be quite the insight into the psyche of a brilliant artist.

Wishing all the best to the Shyfrin Alliance… can’t wait to hear more of their distinct musical odyssey.