Zaiph is a musical project from San Francisco created by Keyboardist/Vocalist Nicolas Moroni; Nicolas started composing in 2009 withtheir first album Echlectic released in 2011. It contained 9 songs and a video clip for their first single, ‘Cosmic Gerlsnaigs‘ – where you can watch here. The band also went live a couple of times around Argentine.

New Era is the third release by Zaiph which contains “13 Lunas” (Moons) or Tracks. As you can see above in the album art there are 13 moons surrounding the Earth, besides that the album ends with the track ‘13 Lunas’.

The band started composing New Era in 2015. They stated:
“We face the compositions from another perspective, different from the previous albums. We wanted to combine the sound of these first two recordings, but from a progressive and freer side, and with the lyrics being more committed with our planet’s situation, the new world order, pollution, and always with a load of spiritual content (we’re not talking about religious content), as we believe that is very important to connect with yourself and with everything at the same time, the universe is always willing to help us if we’re connected.”

The album lacks consistency in some points, whether instrumental tune consistency or vocal tune one. It seems like Zaiph have improvised in some tracks, it may sound good but it wasn’t that good. Some tracks are perfectly composed but they are much fewer than those which needed more time to finish.
Solos are making a huge deficiency in the album, the band didn’t care much about the density of solos and how perfectly they could’ve changed the whole review of a track.

Vocals are good but they are just not good enough. The vocalists should’ve provided more tunes not just uttering the words.In the previous release by Zaiph and their self-titled album, our writer thought that the background male vocals were never as good as the female ones. This also emerges clearly in ‘In The End’ track. The female vocals must be extended in further releases by Zaiph. It adds much to the album. You can see the previous album here.

However, the guitar riffs were brilliant and the drums kicked ass! But they just had that absent element through the album that could’ve made this album farther much better.

Rating: 6/10

Zaiph are:

  • Nicolas Moroni: Vocals and Keyboards
  • Nanci Bochatay: Bass and Vocals
  • Luca Frizza: Guitars
  • Luis Morero: Drums
  • Pablo Moreno: Guitars


Edited by: NJ bakr