Performing across the UK and growing an audience across 2023 with a string of high-energy singles that match the intensity of his live performances, Zack Robertson is a songwriter emergy with a classic indie-rock sound with a pop-tinged sensibility.

Zack’s latest track is entitled ‘Lovely’ and features the artist expressing his affections through rocketing power pop soundscapes littered with gritty guitar chords, delicate arpeggios and driven drum grooves. As the instrumentation injects fierce energy into the track, Zack’s vocals take on a slightly vulnerable delivery, boundless revealing his desire for an unnamed third party, pouring his heart into the music.

Zack adds, “‘Lovely’ isn’t just a love song, it’s a song that I feel the world needs. It has an extremely positive outlook and pulls no punches when describing the feeling involved.”

After a strong first year releasing music, ‘Lovely’ opens up 2024 to be a pivotal year for the artist’s growth, as he defines his sound and continues to electrify new listeners.

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