Italian rockers ZAC will release their second album ‘ZAC II‘ on 12h May via Wild Honey Records.
After the synth-wave atmosphere of album opener ‘The World Is Standing Still‘, ZAC have now shared second single ‘Stargazer‘.
About the new single, which was recorded and produced by Danilo Silvestri, ZAC explain: “‘Stargazer’ was written remembering our youth growing up in Rome’s suburbs, a place where we felt like outsiders and where our peers looked at us as if we were aliens. We called ourselves ‘stargazers’ because we always dreamt of escaping as soon as we possibly could”.
Following the release of their 2019 self-titled debut album, the four pop heroes that make up the Teflon team of ZAC are about to make a welcome return to your turntable with their second LP, the imaginatively-titled “ZAC II”.
No longer must you pine for ZAC’s stellar pop melodies. Switch on your Spector detector, turn your framed “Sergeant Pepper” LP to the wall and let ZAC’s quirky pop fuel your dancing shoes. Lorenzo Moretti (Giuda’s guitarist and creative mind) and Tiziano Tarli (multi-instrumentalist and music historian) have put together another surfeit of sensational songs. Pablo continues to provide the beats, and Sterbus returns on the bass guitar.
Press via Big Mouth Publicity