As their latest record Outside Spectrum” hit the charts in different spots and categories with their unique mix of strong groove, soft melodies, and beautiful harmonies, the Chicago-based rockers The Empty Pockets released their single “Youth Vaping” on the 12th of August, 2022. 

“Youth Vaping” is simply a groove fest hosted by The Empty Pockets, those guys are masters of smooth transitions and fluid grooves as they lay down old-school bluesy melodies and then shift into jazzy swaying ones without losing any of their flow or catchy groove. The Empty Pockets manages to play the most laidback melodies either in the vocal melody which is on a whole another level with its power and harmonies or, the guitar melodies which were set in the most perfect tone, while I extremely enjoyed the subtle entertaining bassline and how it was beautifully layered controlling the pace while giving the guitars total freedom. 

“Youth Vaping” clearly shows The Empty Pocket’s musicianship and their clear sense of direction, those guys are seasoned musicians with good knowledge of their instruments and their sound. It has a fluid structure with lovely streaming melodies all wrapped with the perfect groove that keeps it alive and kicking. Looking forward to more from The Empty Pockets, Cheers!