The American act Picnic Lightning music is a bit confusing and intelligent as well. Actually, I expect someday there will be a band who’s capable of combining punk, rock’n’roll, and alternative in one tune! 

‘Youth Group’ is Picnic Lightning latest single which has been released in mid-October and so far the song was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike. And it deserves this indeed. I am amazed by the instrumentation really along with their tightness. The song stratys with a cheerful and catchy guitar riff that leads to an interactive beat with clapping and this really drives you easily in the song mood. The music is very rich indeed with many inspirations and iconic rock influences, as I mentioned earlier how their music is delivering a great music as you can find in ‘Youth Group’ the vibes of the Beatles, still, the modern touch can be found as well. I love how these guys are pretty tight and have a great chemistry together. Also, the vocals was one of the main factors to like this song along with the music for sure. Usually, I love parts in songs like transitions and bridges, and I loved their energetic bridge so much, especially the rockin’ soloing. Well, it’s time to feel the ‘Youth’ below! Enjoy!