A new release by The Frst is always welcome. The musical mastermind that is The Frst drops songs that are usually punchy, high octane, and high sprung pieces of melodic punk, and his latest, a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’ is no different. Another winner from The Frst.

Nashville-based, and masterminded by Mikei Gray, The Frst is a one-man band whose latest cut exudes with a jubilant feel with the cheerful vocal layers, one of the many twists that The Frst offers to differentiate his effort from Swift’s. The other most prominent difference is The Frst’s orchestra of overdriven guitars that transforms the song from its original form, a simmering, gentle pop ballad, to a fire-breathing piece of alternative rock and punk. And alongside the battering punk beats, machine gun double bass drum pedal sections and uber colorful vocals, The Frst’s efforts are ultimately successful in making this version of the song completely his.

Teaming up with Kellin Quinn and Matty Best, singer and drummer of Sleeping With Sirens, respectively, The Frst manages to present us with a new, neat view of a much-loved song from the American pop extraordinaire, and with a healthy-sounding mix from Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, the team manages also to bring something quite solid to the table that is readily able to be its own piece of music.