It’s one of those nights when things couldn’t go any better, for the dumping side. When things turn out to be not very logical when you’re being told “you’re a nice person, but..”.

The Canadian Rock n’ Roll, Blues artist Rich Chambers’ releases a blazing new classic vibe rock n’ roll track for how energetic it gets you just by the first note titled ‘You’re a Nice Guy But..’

Chambers’ unique voice enhances the bluesy rocking vibe in his tracks as usual using ear-familiar guitar riffs. It’s like everything is a blast from the 70’s and 60’s classic rock, as if you’re tuning to ‘The boat that rocked’ radio waves.

The track is all about breakups and ugly dumping that is usually followed by the famous friendzone jail sentence for life, and it sounds sarcastic at the way partners could dump each other just in a blink by repeating the words. “We had just finished a couple of warm up songs when the bass player asked the drummer about a date he had been on the night before. Jeff, the drummer, gets a sheepish look on his face and proceeds to tell us about an awesome date where he thought everything was going well until he went to drop her off and she said to him, ‘Jeff, you’re a nice guy but…,’ at which point Jeff stops his story -a brief moment of silence- until we all start breaking into laughter. We knew exactly what she said after that.’ Inspired by the hilarity of the story and the camaraderie of the moment, ‘You’re a Nice Guy But…’ emerged.” Rich Chambers on how they wrote the song.

The track begins with a classic Rocking drum beat with a carefully simulated old-school riff, followed by a narrative vocal act by Rich which I thought at once he would start singing instead of waiting on for the chorus to hear him actually singing, the thing that never happened throughout the track.

You’re a Nice Guy But..’ is some rocking anthem that drives you into classic ball dancing moves, but I believe it needed some more vocal contribution other than just narrating the verses, it could’ve added intensely to the rhythm and energy of the track.

Take a listen to ‘You’re a Nice Guy But..’ if you haven’t already heard it from someone before.

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