Patty Duffey Photography

Maximillian Wentz, a musician hailing from Haverhill, USA, has recently released his 10th single “Your Silhouette”. I was pretty impressed to find out Wentz was on guitar, bass, vocals AND drums, talk about talent!

At first listen, everything was calm, then boom! Comes in the guitars and drums. I absolutely loved this progression; it was a trip. You can really see how talented Wentz is, seeing as he is playing all the instruments! The lyrics were absolutely touching, my favorite lyric being “Past is the past now”, which really hit me hard. I also love how fluid Wentz is regarding genre; he can’t really fit in one box, he transcended the “alt-rock” title and created a great cocktail of a few different genres.

All in all, I absolutely fell in love with this track and with Wentz’s talent and his remarkable songwriting, he is surely to be put on the map!