With a pure alternative sound that we’ve really missed, American singer/songwriter Lupe Dragon dropped her latest single “Your Charming Head ” in collaboration with producer Matt Pelosi on all music platforms and as a music video on her YouTube channel. “Your Charming Head” is a song about breakups and heartache delivered in a passionate and emotional way that’ll definitely remind you of someone.

Drawing her influences from early alternative classics, Lupe Dragon started “Your Charming Head” with a soft verse with an open sound that made her vocals shine, before getting into a more upbeat catchy chorus with a lovely old-school alternative vocal melody that brought a lot of memories. “Your Charming Head” has a simple structure with smooth dynamics, it gets more intense as it progresses with Lupe Dragon’s vocals delivery evolving reflecting the anger in her lyrics and the drums getting harder as we head towards the outro. Lupe Dragon brings back the female-led old-school alternative rock era with “Your Charming Head”. It shows that she knows her genre well and she uses this knowledge to create laidback enjoyable tunes without overcomplicating things. Will be keeping an eye on Lupe Dragon, Looking forward to seeing where she’ll go from there. Cheers!