Downtown Patriots is the alter ego of the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Danny Watts. I don’t know if a singer chooses the genre that fits his vocals best or if the genre picks the singer who would get it deeply; however, whatever the case is, Watts voice and his blended Rock/Pop sound are a match made in a stylish kind of heaven. His fresh release, “Your Burden,” will prove my point, so shall we dig deeper?

“Your Burden” sounds personal, intimate, and spirited. Every note of the song declares how much work and talent were put into making it irresistible, touching, and energizing despite its melancholic aura. The lyrical content portrays the feeling of someone fighting their inner thoughts, refusing to be a burden with their timbre, and trying hard to take a step back, and the well-structured instrumentation and passionate vocals demonstrate this sentimental complexity without breaking a sweat.

The witty artist surely knows how to utilize every gift he has in his favor. His characteristic writing allows one to be amidst the scene and feel the intimate emotions. His vocals are raspy in a way, and velvety in another, which will make you easily relate to the story and be moved, even if you haven’t experienced a similar scenario yet. The Pop elements give the number a breezy atmosphere, which eases the intensity a little. Nevertheless, the guitar work refuses to go modest and insists on giving its best, singing along with the vocals, and leaving you with a wholesome, satisfying sense.

Maybe Downtown Patriots don’t want to be a burden anymore, but with such artistry and mesmerizing sound, the artist crafts a lighter-than-air soundscape that will most probably make you crave for more till your heart feels full.