Mark Rosal, a country musician hailing from Canada, recently released his new single, “You need a woman” on all platforms. At first listen, I absolutely fell in love with the acoustic guitar playing, so pure and raw! Paired with Rosal’s hypnotic vocals, makes this single just 3 minutes and 26 seconds of country goodness. You know what they say,  behind every great man is a woman! Which is the message basically being conveyed in this beautiful single. I also loved the cover art for the single, where 2 people are glowing in the forest looking at each other, so creative! I definitely see this song being a part of a movie scene where the hero is going through some hard times. It reminds me of “horse with no name” in America. There’s a cloudy sense of mystery to the song, and I am really digging the vibe.

All in all, I don’t really listen to country but Mark Rosal is an exception! I’ll start listening to the country now.

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