Tatum Quinn, the Canadian singer/songwriter who is willing to inspire the world with her music and has done so far so good, is the artist behind “You Lost Me.” With its exuberant, unapologetic attitude, she makes everyone who does not intend to celebrate and who has recently gotten out of a relationship have the appropriate anti-Valentine song as she releases her new single a few days before Valentine’s Day. As it follows the theme of the recent single “Set You Straight,” it shows us how to overcome a relationship with no regret but “the terrible waste of time.”

This moving on anthem has rock/pop tunes with powerful rocking electro guitar riffs, upbeat solo, awesome steady drum beats, and without a doubt the powerful femme vocals that sing with passion to shake your soul and redeem it to find oneself, and shake your body as well, because why not? The single is not just a call to forget about the one who didn’t deserve you; it’s about self-love and how you prioritize yourself, as your ex-partner lost you indeed, but you find yourself in return.


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Viola Karmy