A sludgy stunner from Francesco and The Black Swans have just dropped, and we just can’t get enough.

A Parisian group masterminded by Francesco Buono, and backed by Harry Waters, Indria Saray, and Eric Lebailly, Francesco and The Black Swan have a thick, rock sound, lush with overdriven guitars and, on the case of their latest single ‘You have to hold on’, an epic groove, driving chords that inspire a sense of awe, and a set of urgent lyrics.

The band certainly rows their boat in an area of hard rock. A sound that can trace its roots back to great alternative rock pioneers such as Deep Purple and Motorhead, ‘You Have To Hold On’ is defined by its almost simplistic rhythm and harmony; not using very intricate beats or flushed-out chord sequences, relying instead on pure charisma and raw energy, to the best of results. The few chords are delivered using such forceful, overdriven guitars, momentous bass tones, and a lush tapestry or churning pads, while the chords themselves don’t fall square within the bounds of the uber-familiar major scale, making their left-field sound refreshing and uncommon enough to be a driving factor on its own. The beats are healthy and hard-hitting, the vocals are engaging and present, and a fantastic mix heightens the whole experience into a cathartic one.

‘You have to Hold On’ is a fantastic rock cut that’s executed with such panache, with a profound composition, produced to a high degree of excellence, all making for a thoroughly enjoyable listen that will keep rock fans hooked and thirsty for more from Francesco Buono and his terrific Black Swans.