The Indie/Alt-Rock outfit, San Quentin, are frustrated with the course relationships are taking these days and vent their umbrage through the head-banger, “You Got Some Nerve,” which employs its fiery sound to convey the dilemma.

Straight out of the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea comes the rock band, San Quentin, with a quality sound that every rock lover would absolutely dig. The quintet who works on luring you into being a loyal fan once you hear their spicy riffs, hooking grooves, and explicit, relatable lyrics are Liam Cass (songwriter), Owen Eves (vocalist), Luke Johns (drummer), Nick Keep (bassist), and Dan Ridgwell (lead guitarist).

“You Got Some Nerve” is a three-minute rocking ear bliss that portrays the reality of most relationships nowadays. We tend to make it like a war scene with strategic maneuvers when “the first one to crack is the first to be done.”

Crunchy riffs and daring drumming open “You Got Some Nerve.” That, along with the electrifying, dirty bass line, offers the perfect vibe for the title and the entire lyrical theme. The lush, charismatic vocal line is the gasoline that makes the song’s flame go wild. The solid soul of rock ‘n’ roll shines over these guys’ performances. The instrumentation is beyond perfection and showcases how talented and skilled they are, as well as how the chemistry is at its extreme between them.

The song is structured to break the taboo and change the romance mold we’ve created by the power of their sound that hits one’s head hard with the energetic delivery till it melts and reforms it again with the right manual. You just need to hit the play button and enjoy the positive change process.