Andy Tatt

The Derby female trio, MuddiBrooke, have decided to add their rocky, grungy touch to one of the 60’s iconic female empowerment songs, Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.”

This is my second review of a cover. I said it then and I’ll say it again: I find covers a creative space for artists to take a song that has been sung hundreds of times, in a hundred different ways, and turn it into their own style, defined by their spirit and artistic identity. MuddiBrooke, consisting of Brooke, Anna Melidone, and Mary Prince, have done a makeover, turning an RnB and Soul song into an Alt-Rock, Grunge, and Punk song.

All of the elements are driven by female power that makes the song comes to life. The heavy sound, the powerful vocals, the crunchy, energetic instrumentation, the music video with the controlling aura, and of course the lyrics, all are combining naturally and fitting together like buzzle pieces to give the perfect raw, potent picture at the end.

Brooke has vocals that shift from delicate to raspy, characterizing both female sides and embodying the lyrics well. Anna Melidone’s clean bass line and Mary Prince’s head-hitting drumming are giving the single edgy vibes and saying “You Don’t Own Me” in their own way.

The way they made the song their own demonstrates how much MuddiBrooke is a distinct band with exceptional musicianship. This is a band we should keep an eye on.