This might as well be one of the more relatable music experiences for me, watching a band of 3 friends just playing music and singing lyrics that are coming from within. This is just raw and real.

The Qwarks are a band of 3 friends, Phil Johnstone on guitar and vocals, Simon Young on the bass and Nick Flowers on the drums and I say friends, because this is how I felt listening to their songs and watching their music videos. They are just so relatable.

Seeing and hearing the Qwarks is really something that we can all relate to, it’s that feeling that you can do anything, speaking your mind and soul freely….it’s that feeling of “this is who I am”.
I miss seeing artists true to themselves like the Qwarks….in the end, being true is what lives on forever, really.

Let’s see what is really going on with that single of the Qwarks – You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)….

The vocals and the background fanfare-style music are the first thing that gets you, and it has this theatrical performance to it, as if you are watching a play, or something from a musical maybe, either way, it sets the tone and it looks like we are in for a ride!

This continues through the verse till you hit the chorus, which, it really does HIT you, you suddenly hear this huge choir-like vocal performance that introduces you to a melodic chorus.

The song is basically a 3 minutes satire/musical/theatrical performance with a very catchy chorus and a very catchy guitar melody line that plays in the background.

Lyrics go hand in hand with their unique vocal performance and points to many subjects that fill the air in this modern-social media-centric world we live in.

The Qwarks are busting some catchy tunes and are having fun doing it!
We all need the Qwarks in our lives, they propose the change that we might actually be missing.

Best of luck to you guys and thank you for making me feel like your friend through your music and performance.



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