Although, I believe that folk music is easy to listen, still, it’s hard to absorb. Especially, if you’re listening to such a unique Dutch artist, Marcus Valance.

Earlier this year, I lost my mother and grandmother on the same day, yeah! It’s pretty difficult to have such a feeling, especially since you witnessed such a period before death including all kinds of pain. It’s the moment when you feel chained in front of them and you cannot do anything, still, as much as you want them to be better, you feel it’s about time to go to heaven. ‘Yesterday’ composition, singing technique along with the music was one of the main songs that I felt it’s my own mourning songs this year. In fact, it’s one of the songs that I believe it’s better to know more about through the artist himself; “talking about death as part of life, I thought was important not only from a personal point of view but to help others open up about their own grief.” The atmosphere of the whole song includes strings and instrumentation, arrangement, and even the mixing elements were all capable to put you in such a required mood. No one on earth hasn’t lost someone s/he loves. I don’t believe in coincidence, but I do believe in fate, this song was actually acquired by another editor and teammate, she got busy with other work, and asked me to work on it. On a personal level, I’d like to thank Marcus for such an impressive tune, sometimes words cannot be uttered to express your grief, but music does. In the end, everything happens for a reason, express your grief and feel the beauty of one of the most influential folk tunes below: