With their funky synth-pop rock and AI-generated lyrics video, Live In Color instantly caught our hearts with their latest single “Yes To Me”.

“Yes To Me” is an absolute joy to experience, the rock spirit is definitely strong with this one, along with very groovy bass lines and explosive disco rock drum beats…the vibe is unbeatable.

…the melodies are also out of this world, both the instrumental melodic hooks and of course the vocals…which are very relatable and feels close to our hearts, both emotionally and melodically.

…the track keeps a steadily explosive emotional experience of upbeatness and liveliness that is hard to come by.

“Yes To Me” is wrapped with a nostalgic 80s synth/rock/pop that gives us an amazing fusion of multiple melodic genres…this is an absolute hit.

I was not surprised when I learned that Live In Color are from Sweden…because this is the land that gave the world some of its most memorable tunes…big shout out to all the amazing bands and musicians rising from Sweden…and specifically for Live In Color, you guys are making some people very happy and positively charged with your music.

We wish all the best to Live In Color, we can’t wait to hear more of what they have lined up…we’ll be on the lookout.

“Yes To Me” is a highly recommended experience to any music love, not just 80s, rock, pop…literally any music lover that wants to get a boost of positivity in their day.