The latest single from Galaxy Thief is the uptempo single “Years”. With well-thought drums and well-timed drum lines, the song has a very modern sound to it and an overall positive vibe. 

The lyrics are a little bit melancholic, as they dwell upon some demons from the person’s past in a very self-conscious and self-reflective way. But the uplifting part is the chorus, which encourages the listener to live in the moment and let go of past mistakes.

The contradiction between melancholic and upbeat lyrics is accompanied by a similarly contradictory arrangement. On the one end, you have the verses focus on the drums, bass, and vocals…then we get the explosive chorus with its massive guitars and empowering drum lines. 

The sound feels rich and dense thanks to the piano following that follows in the footsteps of the rhythm section – a very small detail that adds to the impact of the song greatly. The tone of the guitars and the way they are produced is something to admire in itself, it’s reminiscent of late 90s and early 2000s alternative, but with a unique flavor of its own.

After the second chorus, we get that amazing bridge that gets us hyped up for one last chorus, and the song ends just before it reaches the 3 -minute mark. 

It’s not easy to make a song whose verses are just as catchy as its chorus, but this is exactly what Galaxy Thief managed to do right here. This song is for the times you may need a motivational song to reassure you on your dark days.