A multi-genre artist producing his music based in Chicago “Jim Green” who created this one-man project “The Wandering Endorphin” in the early 2000’s never fails to release a single of his awesomeness, as he recently released a new piece “Ya Gotta Get Down To Get Up” that was out in 26th of August, 2022 which contains unique tunes of funk and rock music.

The music starts Jazzy at first then it turns into a piece of nostalgic punk music that caught my attention and comes in Jim singing in an angering emotion and an electric guitar solo playing, showing off some great mastering in his instruments. The track “Ya Gotta Get Down To Get Up” is about the routine a man can go through in their week without breaking it that will get you in a downer mood which life can sometimes be difficult for us to emotionally handle, but then the music encourages us to go on with life as these will pass and have some positive mindset towards the truth of things might get better in time.

Jim has an ominous amount of talent in producing his music that gets people amazed with his amazing skills, getting him to win the 2004 Guitar Idol Championship. He has always been rewarded with the melodious music that he creates.

“The Wandering Endorphin” is perfect for any mood that the music can get you into like “Ya Gotta Get Down To Get Up” which will hype you up and get up from your place to tap on the music along with your gang.