The holidays are a fun and festive time, its about family, love and tunes. I would say that you cant start the holidays off without some great music. I do feel that it really sets the tone for the season, so I am really happy to bring you my top 10 rock/metal Christmas songs for you to bring the yuletide in the head banger’s way.

10. Twisted sister – Heavy Metal Christmas

Dee Snider and company give a rocking vibe to the twelve days of Christmas. I will tell you this, your true love will unleash the inner Rock fan with this one.

9. Alice Cooper- Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
This twist on a classic will give you a good holiday feels and the nostalgia for Alice Cooper. The master of mayhem really outdoes himself with this classic remake. The overwhelming guitars will rock your little elves all Christmas long.

8. King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas
The title of this song is a bit depressing, but hold and give it a chance cause it will get you rocking. The drums are aggressive and get you rolling even if you don’t have any presents for Christmas. The vocals are legendary and would make any kid and/or adult seem thrilled at the prospect of not getting presents. This track will get the engine rolling for the day.

7. Lemmy – Run Rudolph Run
I don’t need to into go into a whole lot about Lemmy. This is another classic that one of the Metal gods have made into an iconic Christmas song. He brings Motörhead’s killer sound to the holy season.
Due to the passing of Lemmy, we may never get another Christmas classic like this, so enjoy this as much as you can during Christmas.

6. Korn – Kidnap The Sandy Claws
This track is a bit theatrical but a bit silly, which I think will be stuck in your head. This track has a freak on a leash vibe with the bass and general tunes.

5. Twisted Sister – Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Another selection by Twisted Sister on the list. This is another example of a great classic done normally is in the church and is made to be more palatable. This song is a selection that grandma, grandpa, dad or mom could all get behind. Even Christmas won’t take it anymore with this song.

4. Billy Sheehan – Little Drummer Boy
This is a song that brings in Christmas nostalgia. The drums have a Pulsating beat that gives the track its new upbeat edge from the original. This version of Little Drummer Boy is like a theme playing in an arena to get the crowd jumping.

3. Spiral Tap – Christmas With The Devil
This is a controversial pick for the holiday season, but if your up for it then this is a good pick. The tunes of this track may give you a vibe that you’re getting pelted by snow, that is the endearing part of this song. I think the track also fits as a romantic vibe, more like play it for a more intimate affair.

2. Billy Sheehan – Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Billy makes the list again with an aggressive take on this funny Christmas song. The vocals sound a little like Billie Joe from Green Day so that should really get people who may be pining for a Green Day sound. The guitars and bass sound like a nice goofy compliment to a very silly song, if you want a fluffy kind of song for Christmas, then this works for you.

1. Rob Halford – Hark The Herald Angels Sing
This is my number one on the list, because of the powerful vocals of the legendary Judas Priest frontman. His vocals may actually make this track the greatest Christmas track of all time, and that is not a hyperbole. I see in the future for Christmas songs one Rob Halford could lead a new wave of Christmas metal that could compete with the traditional Xmas music.

These were my top 10 Rock/Metal songs for Christmas. Let your holidays be rocking and your metal is full of Christmas headbanging and cheerings.

Enjoy the list, Xmas, and a happy new year! 😉
Written by: Jacob Neaville.
Edited by: Amgad Mahmoud.


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